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Chemical Storage cabinet Formalin/Specimen Storage Formalin Dispensing Equipment

Formalin Dispensing Equipment

PuriCore Scientific uniquely employs carbon filtration to address the problems associated with formalin fumes in Operating Theatres and Pathology Laboratories. With this technology, our Chemical Dispensing Station maximises the containment of fumes during the dispensing of formalin in hospital, research and industrial facilities.

A large 50-litre storage tank and flow regulator ensure splash-free filling of smaller containers whilst also allowing the rapid filling of larger vessels. Convenient foot operation leaves both hands free to fill the containers, offering operators an even greater level of safety.

Formalin/Specimen Storage

Despite being in sealed containers, specimens can still provide a source of potentially hazardous fumes wherever they are kept. Our Chemical Storage Cabinets have been specifically designed for the storage of specimens suspended in formalin to ensure complete COSHH compliance and provide full fume containment for as long as the specimens are kept.

Housed behind lockable acrylic doors, the containers are kept on an adjustable shelving system. Each shelf can, if required, house a stainless steel spillage tray to contain any mishaps or breakages. Fume containment is achieved with a constant current of air passing through the cabinet. The air is then pulled through a carbon filter where all formalin fumes are removed before being returned back into the room.


Labcaire is an ISO 9001 & ISO 18001 accredited company.
ISO 9001, 18001
Certification No: 0954499

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