Hemocor HPH® 1400

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HPH 1400 HPH 1400 TS HPH 1400 IUS

Hemocor HPH® 1400
Hemocor HPH® 1400 TS
Hemocor HPH® 1400 IUS

  • The Hemocor HPH 1400 sets the mark for high performance hemoconcentrators. The high performance of the HPH 1400 may be needed during cases with long cross-clamp times or when large volumes of fluid have been administered.
  • The HPH 1400 TS consists of a Hemocor HPH Hemoconcentrator with 36 inch (90 cm) lengths of .25 inch (6.35mm) inside diameter tubing attached. Ratchet clamps are included on each segment of tubing.
  • The Hemocor HPH 1400 IUS consists of an HPH 1400 with ISO Twist Lock Style End Caps to accommodate alternative tubing set options.

Each hemoconcentrator with tubing set also includes two LA-71 Adapter Kits, containing a Male Luer Lock x .25 inch (6.35 mm) Tubing Adapter in a sterile pouch.

The Hemocor HPH 1400 has .25 inch end caps to accommodate .25 in. ID tubing.

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