Renatest Vapor Detection System

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Renatest 67757-031 78398-515
Product Number:
67757-040, 67757-031, 67757-032, 78398-515

Renatest Deluxe Pump Kit RH 1100 and Detector Tubes

The Renatest Vapor Detection System aids in maintaining staff safety and compliance with OSHA and CMS regulations. The kit contains one handheld bellows pump and a tube cutter to be used in conjunction with detector tubes (sold separately).  The Hydrogen Peroxide and Acetic Acid detector tubes come ten to a case and are used with the Renatest Deluxe Pump.

  • 67757-040 Renatest Pump Kit
  • 67757-031 Hydrogen Peroxide Detector Tubes – a case of 10
  • 67757-032 Acetic Acid Detector Tubes - a case of 10
  • 78398-515 Deluxe Tube Cutter
  • Fast results
  • Portable
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