Renalog® RM Reprocessing Management Software

Products Description

Renalog RM

A powerful window-based reprocessing manager that emphasizes safety, efficiency and ease of use. The Renalog RM software (78398-192) provides convenient reports so your facility is able to track its statistical information without using manual formulations.

The Renalog® RM Software Gold (78398-204) is an upgrade for clinics using an earlier version of Renalog. This upgrade includes the Renalog® RM software, computer, monitor, label printer, inkjet report printer and accessory kit.

There are also Renatron® II Computerization Packages (78398-185) available to upgrade RS8330-SR Renatron II or RS8335-SR Renatron II 100 Series Stations into complete systems.  The packages include a computer, label printer, inkjet report printer, monitor, software interface module, cables and RENALOG RM Reprocessing Management Software.


Ultimate Ease of Use: Shaped by the experience of thousands of Renalog III users, Renalog RM is design to effectively meet the user’s needs.

  • Microsoft Windows® based
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Integrated program
  • Optimized efficiency
  • Improved reliability
  • Fully guided process
  • Supports up to 12 Renatron® II Dialyzer Reprocessing Stations

Start-up / Shutdown Screens
: Specially designed processes guide the operator through the steps necessary to complete a safe and effective system start-up and shutdown.

  • Operating Pressures
  • Renatron Operational Status
  • Culture and Endotoxin logs
  • Service clean log
  • Sanitize log
  • Calibration verification log
  • Special dialyzer handling
  • Renalin® Cold Sterilant verification
  • 1% Renalin dilution

Expanded Data Tracking: Improve staff efficiency with additional automated data collection.

  • User ID
  • Renalin lot number and usage
  • Physician
  • Dialyzer use location
  • Renatron calibration and sanitization
  • Renatron service clean (409) procedure
  • Water pressure
  • Water cultures
  • Out for maintenance
  • Patient maximum use

Enhanced Reporting: Put the most comprehensive reprocessing analysis tool at your fingertips.

  • Powerful data analysis tools
  • Standard and customizable reports
  • Expanded and flexible search criteria
  • Accessible from the daily use screens
  • Export or print for management review
  • Designed for dedicated report printing

Safety & Compliance: Includes all of the safety and compliance features you have grown to expect from Minntech, and then some.

  • Separate reprocessing and administration areas
  • Customizable security system
  • Comprehensive safety checks
  • Renalin product verification
  • Lot number traceability
  • Compliance with AAMI/CMS guidelines for dialyzer reprocessing

Labels & Printing: Renalog RM is designed to use dedicated label and report printers.

  • Faster label printing
  • Ability to print in color
  • Staff efficiency

Editing: Renalog RM maintains complete traceability of all data edits by identifying:

  • What the data used to be
  • What the data was changed to
  • The person making the change
  • The date and time the change was made
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