Reprocessing Labels & Label Accessories

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Reprocessing labels are used to document pertinent information about the patient's and the dialyzer reprocessing cycles.  Other labels are used to mark the chemical solutions in a container.

Clear Labels 10 Lines

Label Protector

Dialyzer Labels

P/N Description Package
67655-001 DRS-002 White (Opaque) Labels 100/roll
40080-030 Dialyzer Barcode Label Protector 100/roll

Dialyzer Barcode Label Protector
(Similar Name)



Form Fed Labels

Computer Form-Fed Labels
For use with Renalog® Software using dot matrix printers. Individually perforated.

P/N Description Package
40080-025 Form Fed Labels for Renalog 5,000/pk.


Label Kit

Label Kit, Renalog® RM
Supplies to support the Zebra TLP 2844 label printer, including 4 label rolls, 4 dye transfer ribbons, and a printer cleaning card.

P/N Description Package
78398-179 Label Kit, Renalog RM Each


Renalin Label

Renalin® 1% Label
Used when making a 1% Renalin solution, to identify the person who filled the container and the date it was filled.

P/N Description Package
67198-251 Renalin 1% Label 100/roll


Similar Name Labels

Similar Name Warning Labels
These Renalin Cold Sterilant resistant, bright orange labels are ideal for identifying those patients with similar names. Packaged in a convenient dispenser box.

P/N Description Package
78398-039 Similar Name Labels 120/roll


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