ON DEMAND® 1% Renalin Autodilution System

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1% Renalin Autodilution System

The On Demand® Auto dilution System proportions Renalin® 100 Cold Sterilant and dispenses a continuous supply of 1% Renalin ® solution. A connection to a water supply that meets the AAMI requirements of RD62 and a container of Renalin® 100 Cold Sterilant are all that is required. A unique venturi system delivers a constant and consistent supply of 1% Renalin® solution at the touch of a finger.

78399-781 ON DEMAND® 1% Renalin Autodilution System

78399-901 6 ft. PVC tubing Water Hose sold separately

  • Provides clinics with a "one touch" process for a validated 1% Renalin® 100 solution
  • Prepare the 1% Renalin® 100 solution without exposure to the concentrated sterilant.
  • Validated studies of the patented design demonstrate consistent and accurate performance in the preparation of 1% Renalin® solution.
  • Saves clinics hundreds of hours per year (time saved in the preparation of 1% Renalin® 100 solution).
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