ON DEMAND® Bleach Autodilution Systems

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On Demand Bleach Autodilution System

The On Demand Autodilution System was developed in response to a need for a safe, accurate and labor-saving alternative to manual preparation of disinfectant solution. At the touch of a finger, the unique venturi system proportions and dispenses a consistent, continuous supply of 1% or 10% bleach solution. This easy-to-install device requires no electrical connection or special electronic systems and can be used in minutes. Validation studies of the patented design of the On Demand Autodilution System demonstrated consistent and accurate performance in the preparation of 1% and 10% bleach solutions.

  • 78400-240 Bleach 1% Autodilution System
  • 78400-241 Bleach 10% Autodilution System
  • 78399-901 6 foot PVC tubing Water Hose for use with the Renalin or Bleach Autodilution Systems
  • 78400-296 WaterCheck CP Bleach Test Strips
  • Consistent preparation of 1% or 10% bleach solution
  • Bleach solutions are easily prepared with the touch of a finger
  • Solution strength can be verified daily by using the WaterCheck CP Test Strips
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