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T400 Mobile School Fume Cupboard Airflow - T400 Mobile School Fume Cupboard T400 Mobile School Fume Cupboard

Clear Demonstrations in Practical Chemistry

The T400 Mobile School Fume Cupboard has been specially developed to give pupils and staff maximum benefit from practical Chemistry and Science work. This cupboard is equally useful in an industrial or research laboratory situation. The T400 Cupboard employs the latest carbon filtration technology to remove fumes at source, allowing the cabinet to be fully mobile and so removing the need for obtrusive ductwork.

T400 Cupboard Airflow

Clean air is drawn in through the front aperture and through openings in the rear baffle to ensure even flow throughout the entire working area. The openings at the top of the baffle ensure that any heated air can also be collected. Contaminated air is pulled down the back of the cabinet and into the plenum chamber before passing through the large capacity 22kg activated carbon filter. Should the airflow drop below recommended levels, a low-airflow alarm will activate. The carbon filter can also be monitored by way of an optional filter saturation alarm that gives both audible and visual warnings in event of filter saturation.

Customer Quotes

"I was delighted with the performance of its filter system which contained all the noxious fumes evolved throughout the chemical reactions."

"It is of vital importance that teachers use demonstrations as a visual teaching aid and that they can do so in a safe environment.The combined benefits of convenience, flexibility, safety, and low noise make Labcaire's T400 the ideal choice for practical demonstrations in chemistry laboratories."

Extracts from a report written by Dr Colin Chambers, Retired Head of Chemistry, Bolton School. Dr Chambers uses the Labcaire T400 for his practical demonstrations of Chemistry during his nationwide Teacher Training Seminars.

Available in UK, European Union, and international markets. Not currently available in the US.

Labcaire is an ISO 9001 & ISO 18001 accredited company.
ISO 9001, 18001
Certification No: 0954499

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