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Class I Cabinet

This comprehensive range of Microbiological Safety Cabinets offer unrivalled levels of operator protection, and where applicable levels of product protection.

The cabinets offer excellent value for money, and are compliant to the latest British and European standards. All ranges are available in either ducted or recirculating versions making the Labcaire cabinet an ideal choice for your laboratory.

Installation and commissioning can easily be arranged via our own in-house service team following a complete site survey. Contact us for details.

Class I Cabinets for Operator & Laboratory Protection

The Labcaire Class I Cabinet is a bench mounted system available in either a ducted or a recirculating version manufactured in a British factory. The unit is constructed of Zintec mild steel, which is epoxy powder coated to prevent corrosion whilst the worksurface is manufactured from crevice free 316-grade stainless steel with rounded corners for easy cleaning. The clear glazed front screen is hinged for easy access and cleaning but is locked in place during routine use for security.

External Dimension (mm):
Internal Dimensions (mm):
Airflow/Face Velocity:
Electrical Requirements:
1220 w x 1200 h (ex. ABV) x 625 d
995 w x 900 h x 580 d
0.7 metres per second
On/Off Switch, Airflow Monitor, Airflow Alarms, Lighting Controls
UV Lighting, Formalin Vaporiser, Base Stand
240 volts / 50Hz

All air drawn into the cabinet is initially exhausted through the main HEPA filter. The ducted system is then connected to a visible anti-blowback valve (ABV) and suitable ductwork, whilst the recirculating version is installed with a second HEPA filter and a carbon filter before allowing the clean air to be returned to the laboratory. All HEPA filters are rated to 99.997% efficient at 0.3um with negative pressure seals. Combining this with audible and visual alarms for both airflow and filter status ensures 100% safe and effective operation at all times. Brochure Request

Class II Cabinets for Operator, Sample & Environment Protection

Our latest range of Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets are designed to meet the requirements of all types of laboratories. A broad range of units are available in three widths (800mm, 1200mm and 1800mm) with two types of installation, ducted or recirculated.

Designed to Ensure Standards Compliance
The range of Safety Cabinets have been designed and tested to conform to and exceed the requirements of the latest British and European Standards. The units provide full compliance to BS 5726:1992 and exceed the requirements of BSEN 12469:2000.

Microbiological Safety Cabinet Airflow

The unique design and layout of the air inflow grille ensures that an even airflow is achieved over the entire aperture to optimise containment. The membrane control panel offers full monitoring of both the airflow into the cabinet and the laminar air flow within the unit. It will alert the operator to any safety or maintenance requirements with both audible and visual alarms. The panel also controls the operation of all ancillary features such as electric, gas, formalin vaporiser and UV lighting.

Options to Suit All Your Requirements
All cabinets can be fitted with a service module instead of the right-hand side glazing panel. This module can include any combination of formalin vaporiser, natural and/or other gas outlet, electrical socket and water services. The optional UV lighting facility is operated from the control panel and is mounted in the head section.

Class II cabinetSafety cabinet airflow

A Choice of Ducted or Recirculating
When used in conjunction with our anti-blowback valve, every Class II Cabinet can easily be connected to ductwork to exhaust air externally. Wherever ducting a cabinet is not practical, easy installation is achieved with our unique after-filter box which has three further features:

  • An extra HEPA filter that ensures full protection
  • An extra fan to ensure all airspeeds are maintained within the cabinet
  • The addition of a high-efficiency Activated Carbon Filter that will absorb all fumes generated during the regular sterilisation of your cabinet with formalin

The worksurface is constructed of 316-grade stainless steel, easily visible through the glazed sides of the cabinet and further enhanced by twin fluorescent lights above the working area.

Available in UK, European Union, and international markets. Not currently available in the US.

Labcaire is an ISO 9001 & ISO 18001 accredited company.
ISO 9001, 18001
Certification No: 0954499

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