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VLF 12 Laminar flow cabinets Laminar flow cabinet airflow

Cantel Medical offers three options for Laminar Flow Cabinets. All three types of cabinet provide clean air better than Class 100 at the worksurface. This is achieved through the use of pre-filters (to protect the main filter) and HEPA filters that are rated at 99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns. Higher rated HEPA filters such as 0.12 microns are available if required.

Manufactured from Zintec powder coated mild steel, the cabinets are robust and protected from corrosion. In addition to this, all units are fitted with a stainless steel worksurface to ensure easy cleaning (optional on VLF6). Internal lighting is fitted as standard to all units and the vertical laminar flow range can be fitted with UV lights and night doors if required. Sizes of cabinets range from the compact vertical laminar flow VLF6 measuring just 670mm wide up to the large 1900mm wide horizontal laminar flow unit the HLF18.

Also available in the Laminar Flow Cabinet range are units specifically designed for the processing of PCR samples. Features include compact design and automatically timed UV lighting.

Available in UK, European Union, and international markets.
Not currently available in the US.

An ISO 9001 & ISO 18001 accredited company.
ISO 9001, 18001
Certification No: 0954499

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