RapidAER Endoscope Reprocessor

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MEDIVATORS RapidAER pass-through automated endoscope reprocessor offers the highest standards of relaibility, productivity, and flexibility. The MEDIVATORS RapidAER has been designed and manufactured to meet the increasing demands of a modern endoscopy department.  With its quick disinfection cycle time, the MEDIVATORS RapidAER is the most productive pass-through reprocessor available today. For use with Medivators Rapicide® PA High-Level Disinfectant.

Available in UK, European Union, and international markets. Not currently available in the US.

  • A cycle time of 17 minutes provides fast turnaround
  • Footprint less than 0.5m2 to accommodate small room size
  • Full compliance with CfPP0106 and EN15883
  • RFID technology incorporated to provide comprehensive data storage, analysis, and recording function for each cycle
  • Scopes are loaded outside the chamber for increased productivity and reduced operator strain
  • Hands-free loading and unloading
  • Foot petal cycle operation start
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Documents Document #
RapidAER Product Brochure - UK Version April 2015
RapidAER Endoscope Reprocessor Product Brochure - English Language 50098-819-EN Rev A
RapidAER Endoscope Reprocessor Product Brochure - German Language 50098-819-DE Rev A
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