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INTERCEPT™ Wipes INTERCEPT™ Wipes INTERCEPT™ Wipes and Detergent

INTERCEPT™ Wipes provide superior cleaning of endoscope surfaces at the bedside. The ready-to-use detergent wipes come in a canister of 100 pre-saturated towelettes, with four canisters to a case. The wipes are durable, lint-free and appropriately sized for ease of use. Use these environmentally responsible wipes to keep your scopes and counters free from soils. 

  • Provide superior cleaning of endoscope surfaces
  • Lint-free, durable and highly absorbent wipes
  • Large 7" x 10” wipe for increased cleaning surface area
  • Environmentally responsible and safe to use
  • Low per-use cost for effective endoscope cleaning
  • Ready-to-use canister of 100 pre-saturated towelettes
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Brochures and Other Documents Document #
INTERCEPT™ Detergent, Wipes & Foam Product Brochure 50098-669 Rev D
INTERCEPT Wipes Canister Label 67199-012 Rev G
INTERCEPT Wipes Directions for Use - International 50098-080 Rev B
Certificate of Validation for Scopes used with Medivators products 50096-340 Rev R
Certificate of Validation for Scopes used with Medivators products - German Language 50096-340-DE Rev R
Certificate of Validation for Endoscopes Used with Medivators Products (French Language) 50098-367 Rev A
Product Bulletins Document #
Product Bulletin: INTERCEPT Detergent Premixing for Daily Use 50096-945 Rev B
Product Bulletin: INTERCEPT Detergent use with Simple2 Detergent 50096-947 Rev B
Product Bulletin: Staining after use of Intercept on endoscopes disinfected with OPA 50096-948 Rev B
Product Bulletin: INTERCEPT Use for DSD-91E and DSD-201 Automatic Endoscope Reprocessors 50096-917 Rev C
Product Bulletin: INTERCEPT Detergent Compatibility 50096-943 Rev B
Product Bulletin: Detergent use in Medivators AER's 50096-004 Rev D
In-Service Material
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