INTERCEPT™ Detergent

Products Description

INTERCEPT Detergent with Scope

Unique non-enzymatic formula specifically developed for manual or automated cleaning of endoscopes and accessories prior to reprocessing.

  • Provides superior removal of biological and organic soils
  • Low foaming and neutral pH meets criteria for all endoscope manufacturers
  • Fast one minute contact time
  • Cost-effective, concentrated formula reduces per-use cost
  • Blue-tint for easy identification of dispensed detergent
  • Environmentally responsible and biodegradable
  • Sold in case of four 1 gallon bottles.
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Brochures and Other Documents Document #
INTERCEPT Detergent, Wipes and Foam Product Brochure 50098-669 Rev D
INTERCEPT Detergent Bottle Label (USA) 67199-625 Rev E
INTERCEPT Detergent Bottle Label (Canada) 67199-666 Rev G
PB INTERCEPT Detergent use throughout endoscope cleaning process 50098-961 Rev B
Certificate of Validation for Scopes used with Medivators products 50096-340 Rev R


International Documents Document #
INTERCEPT Compatibility Guarantee Statement - French Language 50098-370 Rev A
INTERCEPT Biofilm Removal White Paper - French Language 50098-371 Rev A
INTERCEPT™ Detergent & Wipes Product Brochure - French Language 50098-359 Rev A
INTERCEPT Detergent & Wipes Product Brochure - German Language 50098-456 Rev A
INTERCEPT Detergent Directions for Use (International) 50097-718 Rev D
INTERCEPT Detergent Bottle Label (International) 67199-691 Rev D
Endoscopy Family Product Brochure - Latin American Spanish Language 50098-771-LT-ES Rev B
Product Bulletin: INTERCEPT Detergent Compatibility - French Language 50098-366 Rev A
Certificate of Validation for Endoscopes Used with Medivators Products (French Language) 50098-367 Rev A
Certificate of Validation for Scopes used with Medivators products - German Language

50096-340-DE Rev R

In-Service Material
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