MEDI-NEWT™ Neutralization System

Products Description


Provides safe containment, neutralization and disposal of used OPA and glutaraldehyde disinfectants. MEDI-NEWT™ is a semi-automated neutralization system and features a compact, mobile design for ease of use and storage. MEDI-NEWT safely protects staff by containing disinfectant fumes, and complies with stringent state and local neutralization regulations. Use glycine-based NEUTRA-HYDE™ for fast and effective neutralization. MEDI-NEWT is the environmentally responsible solution for safe disinfectant neutralization.  

  • Safely neutralizes OPA and Glutaraldehyde disinfectants
  • Protects staff by containing disinfectant fumes through fully sealed system
  • Ensures compliance with state and local neutralization guidelines
  • Use NEUTRA-HYDE, neutralization chemical for fast and effective chemical deactivation
  • Environmentally responsible disinfectant neutralization system
  • Easy to use, semi-automated operation
  • Compact, self-contained, mobile system
  • Built-in storage shelf for storing neutralizer
  • Large capacity 12 gallon neutralization tank allows two reservoirs to be neutralized at once
  • Provides a repeatable neutralization process for conformity and consistency
  • Compatible with DSD-201, SSD-102 and CER endoscope reprocessors
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Brochures and Other Documents Document #
MEDI-NEWT™ Product Brochure 50097-008 Rev B
MEDI-NEWT Product Faceplate Label 67720-648 Rev B
MEDI-NEWT Electrical Safety Testing Testing Doc
NEUTRA-HYDE™ Bottle Label 67199-255 Rev C
Product Bulletin: Medi-Newt Neutralization Performance using NEUTRA-HYDE 50097-198 Rev A
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