AmplifEYE® Endoscopic Device

Products Description

Arm yourself against hidden adenomas AmplifEYE’s flexible detection arms bring polyps into full view Without AmplifEYE®, polyps can be hidden behind the folds

Makes improving adenoma detection easy!

See colonoscopy enhancement with the new AmplifEYE® Endoscopic Device by Medivators. Designed for gastroenterologists seeking the highest rate of adenomatous polyp detection.

The AmplifEYE device comes in two sizes that easily slip onto the tip of the colonoscope. The unique material formulation and uni-body design allow for low resistance advancement to the cecum. The flexible detection arms separate folds and gently stretch the mucosa to provide a clear view of the lumen bringing polyps into view.  

Once a polyp is found the AmplifEYE device helps stabilize the colonoscope tip in optimal position for polypectomy and polyp retrieval.

*Not available for sale in the European Union 

  • Smooth Medical Grade Silicone Surface – Allows for easy scope advancement without bunching or dragging of the lumen wall
  • Single Row Flexible Detection Arms – Separates the folds –bringing adenomatous polyps into view
  • Internal Secure Fit Geometry – Holds the device securely in place during the entire procedure
  • Unibody Design – Allows for flexible lateral maneuverability that does not impede TI intubation
  • 2 Sizes – Reduce inventory cost and incorrect scope sizing
  • Cost effective – Using a visualization aid potentially could increase ADR and PDR, which may increase procedure reimbursement and result in patient follow up procedures in a shorter time frame



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