Disposable Bite Blocks

Products Description

Product Number:
100411-Adult, 100412-Pediatric

Available in both adult and pediatric models, Cantel Disposable Bite Blocks help protect both your patient and your equipment. Side ports allow you to reposition the endoscope, and facilitate access for suction.
Designed with the highest standards of patient comfort and safety in mind, our bite blocks offer a secure, comfort-fit design and an insertion port to accommodate a wide range of scope types. Cantel Bite blocks and straps are latex-free, remain in position during procedure and will not cause discomfort to your patients.

  • Adult: 60 Fr port size
  • Pediatric: 45 Fr port size
  • Secure, comfort-fit design
  • Side ports for suction access
  • Latex-free
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Endoscope Accessories product brochure: 50098-1407 Rev B

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