DEFENDO™ Single-Use Valves

Products Description

The Best Defense is DEFENDO™ Single-use Valves

DEFENDO™ Single-Use Valves are compatible with leading GI endoscopes, including Olympus, Pentax and FujiFilm. Our product line includes:

•DEFENDO Single-Use Valves for Olympus® Endoscopes
•DEFENDO Single-Use Valves for Pentax® 90i and i10 Series Endoscopes
•DEFENDO Single-Use Valves for Fujifilm 500 and 600 Series Endoscopes


Infection Prevention

The risk of infection from improperly cleaned and disinfected reusable endoscope valves is extremely high due to their complex design. Meticulous brushing is required during reprocessing and that still may not be sufficient to ensure a safe, patient-ready endoscope. DEFENDO Sterile Single-Use Valves solve the issue of reusable valve reprocessing by offering a single-use option that ensures sterile valves for every procedure and eliminates the need to track valves with endoscopes. 



DEFENDO Valves are high-performance, high-quality products that support procedural control and efficiency. Our verification testing includes multiple tests for force and suction to help create valves that don’t exhibit some of the most common issues with reusable valves and other single-use valves: clogging, sticking and loss of insufflation. When you experience these issues during a procedure, the result can be a longer, more difficult procedure.


DEFENDO Single Use Valve Kits have been internally qualified by Cantel and are considered compatible single use replacement accessories for OLYMPUS and FUJIFILM GI Endoscopes (included in kits 100301 and 100303), PENTAX GI Endoscopes (included in kit 100302), OLYMPUS GI Endoscopes 140/160/180/190 Series (included in kits 100305, 100306, 100307, 100310, and 100311), FUJIFILM 500/600 Series Endoscopes (included in kits 100312, 100313, and 100314), PENTAX 90 Series GI Endoscopes (included in kits 100315, 100316, and 100317).

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ENDO CARRY-ON™ Line of Products Brochure #50097-973 Rev C

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DEFENDO™ Single Use Valves Product Brochure #50098-1182 Rev E

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Product Bulletin: Reprocessing of Endoscope Valves vs. the use of Disposable Vavles #50097-996 Rev B

Product Bulletin: Reprocessing, storage and traceability of Endoscope Valves #50098-967 Rev B

Product Bulletin: DEFENDO Single Use Air Water and Suction Valves #50098-483 Rev A

Infection Prevention Guideline Highlights #50098-1181 Rev B

Improper Valve Reprocessing Study #50098-1504 Rev A

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