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DEFENDO Valve Kit 100305
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Endoscope valves are vital, sophisticated devices that require regular meticulous cleaning procedures. There are over 30 steps to proper manual cleaning and reprocessing of Biopsy, Air/Water and Suction Valves, which can make the cleaning process difficult, if not impossible.
Healthcare-related infections from endoscopy continue to occur, for two reasons:

  1. Failure to adhere to current disinfection guidelines and
  2. Because of the complex design of endoscopes, which includes “springs and valves” as part of the endoscope that complicate adequate disinfection.¹

MEDIVATORS DEFENDO® Sterile Single Use Air/Water, Suction and Biopsy Valves:

  • Eliminate manual cleaning and reprocessing of reusable valves
  • Help create consistent practices
  • Reduce the potential for errors
  • Available for Olympus® Endoscopes and Pentax® 90 Series GI Endoscopes.

Source¹: Kelly M. Pyrek, "Nooks and Crannies: The Breeding Grounds for Bacteria," Infection Control Today, June 2002

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Endo Carry-On Line of Products Brochure #50097-973 Rev C

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Product Bulletin: Defendo Single Use Air Water and Suction Valves #50098-483 Rev A

Infection Prevention Guideline Highlights #50098-1181 Rev B

Improper Valve Reprocessing Study #50098-1504 Rev A

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