Advantage 4-Chamber Polyp Trap

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Advantage Polyp Trap™ 4-Chamber Polyp Trap
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The MEDIVATORS Advantage 4-Chamber Polyp Trap™ tissue specimen container is designed to install easily, in-line, between colonoscope and suction receptacle eliminating the need to retrieve polyps from collected endoscopic effluent. Four (4) removable and patented strainer like chambers collect the polyp/fragments as they are retrieved through the endoscope channel, isolating each for identification and pathological interpretation. (Additional degradation of colonic tissue is reduced if using toothpicks, cotton swabs or blunt needles for tissue extraction). Large, easy to read numbered chambers permits accurate identification of each polyp, and clear plastic construction allows visual verification of polyp(s)in darkened endoscopy suites.


  • 4 removable, numbered chambers give you the choice of traditional specimen extraction or chamber removal for quick and easy tissue transfer.
  • Eliminate personal handling of tissue and the need for toothpicks, Q-Tips®, needles, or swishing ... which saves time and helps prevent additional tissue desecration
  • Removable numbered chambers allow for quick transfer of specimen to fixative container
  • Each tissue chamber is numbered for accurate identification of colonic tissue (as opposed to numbers on the outside of the polyp trap container), creating a precise indexing system
  • Individual packaging - single patient use
  • Easy in-line installation
  • Large, easily identified numbered chambers
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