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ENDOGATOR™ Tubing REF#100130
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The ENDOGATOR™ is the only cost effective, completely disposable alternative to the reusable irrigation tube set in GI Endoscopy. Case after case, our design allows for 24 hour use without the need for reprocessing. Each ENDOGATOR is equipped with a back-flow valve as a safeguard against potential infection control risks and work in conjunction with ENDOGATOR Connectors for seamless integration with a variety of irrigation pumps. 

ENDOGATOR Tubing is available for the following:

Other ENDOGATOR Accessories:

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Product Bulletin: ENDOGATOR™ Irrigation tubing compatibility with the OLYMPUS OFP and OFP-2 Flushing Pumps #50098-409 Rev A

ENDOGATOR and ENDO SMARTCAP™ Product Brochure - Chinese Language #50098-246-ZHS Rev A

Endoscopy Family Product Brochure - Latin American Spanish Language #50098-771-LT-ES Rev B

ENDO SMARTCAP and ENDOGATOR Product Brochure LIT-00216 Rev A

Product Bulletin: Using ENDOGATOR and ENDO STRATUS™ Irrigation Pump and CO2 Insufflators in low-humidity environments #50098-780 Rev A

Product Bulletin: Latex Free Statement for Procedural Products #50098-736 Rev A

Product Bulletin: ENDOGATOR Spray Catheter Discontinuation Notice #50098-1310 Rev A

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