EndoGator® Irrigation Pump

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EGP-100 with EndoGator® tubing EGP-100
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The EndoGator® Irrigation Pump is the only unit designed for universal compatibility. With its lightweight appeal and compact design, the EGP-100 integrates into any endoscopy suite and with all scopes, regardless of manufacturer.

In addition, the EndoGator® Irrigation Pump was developed with infection control risks in mind and utilizes only the EndoGator® disposable product line.

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Product Bulletin: EGP-100 ENDOGATOR Irrigation Pump Leakage Current Ground Test Points #50098-253 Rev A

EGP-100 ENDOGATOR Irrigation Pump Product Brochure - Europe Version #50098-506 Rev A

Product Bulletin: Using MEDIVATORS ENDOGATOR and ENDO STRATUS Irrigation Pump and CO2 Insufflators in low-humidity environments #50098-780 Rev A

ENDOGATOR and ENDO SMARTCAP Product Brochure: #50098-246 Rev E

ENDOGATOR and ENDO SMARTCAP Product Brochure - Chinese Language #50098-246-ZHS Rev A

Product Bulletin: Latex Free Statement for Procedural Products #50098-736 Rev A

In-Service Material
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