ENDOGATOR™ Irrigation Pump

Products Description

EGP-100 with ENDOGATOR™ tubing EGP-100
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The ENDOGATOR™ Irrigation Pump is the only unit designed for universal compatibility. With its lightweight appeal and compact design, the EGP-100 integrates into any endoscopy suite and with all scopes, regardless of manufacturer.

In addition, the ENDOGATOR Irrigation Pump was developed with infection control risks in mind and utilizes only the ENDOGATOR disposable product line.

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Product Bulletin: EGP-100 ENDOGATOR™ Irrigation Pump Leakage Current Ground Test Points #50098-253 Rev A

EGP-100 ENDOGATOR Irrigation Pump Product Brochure - Europe Version #50098-506 Rev A

Product Bulletin: Using ENDOGATOR and ENDO STRATUS™ Irrigation Pump and CO2 Insufflators in low-humidity environments #50098-780 Rev A

ENDOGATOR and ENDO SMARTCAP™ Product Brochure: #50098-246 Rev E

ENDOGATOR and ENDO SMARTCAP Product Brochure - Chinese Language #50098-246-ZHS Rev A

Product Bulletin: Latex Free Statement for Procedural Products #50098-736 Rev A

In-Service Material
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