EndoGator® Hybrid

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UIS Hybrid Diagram EndoGator® Hybrid Connectors

The premium infection prevention of the Endo SmartCap® and EndoGator® have been combined into one innovative system. Utilizing a single water bottle for dual function, the cutting edge technology of the EndoGator® HYBRID maintains the superior patient safety standards GI Endoscopy has come to expect from Medivators.

The EndoGator® HYBRID is available in quantities of 10 per box for Olympus® 140/160/180 series endoscopes with the following:

  • Olympus® OFP or ENDOSTAT II Pump Irrigation Units (100609)
  • Olympus® AFU-100, Olympus® OFP, EGP-100 or ERBE® EIP2 Irrigation Units (100610)
  • Pentax® GI Endoscopes with Pentax® EGP-100P, EGP-100 or ERBE® Irrigation Units (100608)
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