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UIS Hybrid Diagram ENDOGATOR™ Hybrid Connectors

The premium infection prevention of the ENDO SMARTCAP™ and ENDOGATOR™ have been combined into one innovative system. Utilizing a single water bottle for dual function, the cutting edge technology of the ENDOGATOR HYBRID maintains the superior patient safety standards GI Endoscopy has come to expect from Cantel.

The ENDOGATOR HYBRID is available in quantities of 10 per box for Olympus® 140/160/180 series endoscopes with the following:

  • Olympus® OFP or ENDOSTAT II Pump Irrigation Units (100609)
  • Olympus® AFU-100, Olympus® OFP, EGP-100 or ERBE® EIP2 Irrigation Units (100610)
  • Pentax® GI Endoscopes with Pentax® EGP-100P, EGP-100 or ERBE® Irrigation Units (100608)
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ENDOGATOR™ Hybrid Product Brochure: #50098-676 Rev A
ENDO SMARTCAP™ and ENDOGATOR Product Brochure: LIT-00216 Rev A
ENDO SMARTCAP and ENDOGATOR Product Brochure - Chinese Language: #50098-246-ZHS Rev A
Product Bulletin: ENDOGATOR Tubing and ENDOGATOR Hybrid Tubing for FUJINON Endoscopes: #50098-440 Rev A
Product Bulletin: ENDOGATOR hybrid tubing compatibility with Olympus 190 series GI endoscopes: #50098-501 Rev A
Product Bulletin: Latex Free Statement for Procedural Products: #50098-736 Rev A
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