ENDO STRATUS™ CO2 Insufflator

Products Description

ENDO STRATUS™ CO2 Insufflator CO2 chart ENDO STRATUS™ pumps

The ENDO STRATUS™ CO2 Insufflator is a versatile carbon dioxide pumping system that connects to both wall and tank sources. Combined with the full line of disposable ENDO SMARTCAP™ CO2 Tubing, our pressure distention solutions allow clinicians to offer the optimal procedure for their patients.


Simple Change, Significant Improvement
CO2 Insufflation is proven to result in faster procedures, quicker recovery times and more comfortable patients.


Quicker Patient Turnaround*

  • Improved cecal intubation rates1
  • Greater small bowel intubation depths2
  • 38% reduction in nursing attention4


Higher Patient Satisfaction

  • Less discomfort,pain and bloating3,4,1
  • Quicker recovery times4
  • Decreased gas distention
  • Absorbed 150 times faster than room air, and is promptly eliminated via the lungs
  • Heated CO2 — 98.6 degrees
  • Variable flow rates — low, medium and high

Compatible with:

  • Tank (D or E) or DISS Wall CO2 cleaning and insufflation tubing
  • All major GI Endoscopes

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