DSD / SSD Hookups

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A collection of connectors and bi-furcated tubing beginning with a single basin port connection. Designed for use with SSD-102, DSD-201 and DSD EDGE models.

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Hookup Database: The interactive Medivators Hookup Guide can be viewed here.
For additional Hook-up information, please call Technical Support at 800-444-4729.

Product Information Document #
MEDIVATORS Hookup Rack Brochure 50097-976 Rev C
Latex Free Statement 50098-030 Rev A
Latex Free Statement - German Language 50098-030-DE Rev A
Product Bulletin: New DSD-201 Hook-up for Olympus 160/180 Series Endoscope 50096-411 Rev B
Product Bulletin: Elevator/Raiser Wire Bridge Position During Reprocessing 50096-389 Rev B
Product Bulletin: Compatibility Statement regarding Fujinon Endoscopes and Rapicide 50096-739 Rev A
Product Bulletin: Changes to Hookup Components 50096-876 Rev A
Product Bulletin: Changes to Hookup Components - German Language 50096-876-DE Rev B
Product Bulletin RE: Olympus MAJ-855 50097-022 Rev F
Product Bulletin RE: Olympus MAJ-855 - German Language 50097-022-DE Rev F
Product Bulletin: Deletion of Olympus Channel, changes to plug in hook-ups 50097-129 Rev A
Product Bulletin: Deletion of Olympus Channel, changes to plug in hook-ups 50097-129-DE Rev A
Product Bulletin: CER/DSD hook-up changes 50097-178 Rev A
Product Bulletin: CER/DSD hook-up changes - German Language 50097-178-DE Rev A
Product Bulletin: DSD Bridge Kit 50097-449 Rev B
Product Bulletin: Medivators Online Hookup Guide Now Available 50097-724 Rev A
Product Bulletin: Proper Hookup Connection to Olympus 140 Series and above Dual Channel Endoscopes 50097-723 Rev A
Product Bulletin: Leak Test Connectors for Pentax Endoscopes 50097-785 Rev A
Product Bulletin: Leak Test Connectors for Pentax Endoscopes - German Language 50097-785-DE Rev A
Product Bulletin: Introduction of new MEDIVATORS Channel Separator for OLYMPUS Endoscopes 50098-773 Rev A
Hookup Directions for Use Document #
DSD-110-HU0028 50097-143 Rev D
DSD-110-HU0050 Hookup Connection Guide 50098-966-EN Rev B
DSD-110-HU0060 50097-144 Rev C
DSD-110-HU0067 50097-145 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0068 50096-961 Rev D
DSD-110-HU0068 Hookup Connection Guide 50098-1369-EN Rev A
DSD-110-HU0069 50096-962 Rev H
DSD-110-HU0074 50097-146 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0075 50097-147 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0077 50096-963 Rev E
DSD-110-HU0100 50097-148 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0101 50097-149 Rev C
DSD-110-HU0102 50097-150 Rev D
DSD-110-HU0102 Hookup Connection Guide 50098-1371-EN Rev A
DSD-110-HU0103 50097-105 Rev C
DSD-110-HU0103 50098-1201 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0104 50097-152 Rev C
DSD-110-HU0104 Hookup Connection Guide 50098-1303-EN Rev A
DSD-110-HU0105 50097-754 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0105 Hookup Connection Guide 50098-1304-EN Rev A
DSD-110-HU0106 50097-380 Rev D
DSD-110-HU0106 Hookup Connection Guide 50098-1305-EN Rev A
DSD-110-HU0110 50097-153 Rev C
DSD-110-HU0111 50097-154 Rev D
DSD-110-HU0112 50097-155 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0113 50097-156 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0114 50096-964 Rev D
DSD-110-HU0116 50097-157 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0117 50097-158 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0118 50097-159 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0119 50097-160 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0120 50097-161 Rev E
DSD-110-HU0121 50097-078 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0122 50097-188 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0143 50097-162 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0150 50097-163 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0151 50097-164 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0152 50097-089 Rev C
DSD-110-HU0152  50098-1205 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0153 50097-165 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0154 50097-166 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0155 50097-167 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0156 50097-168 Rev E
DSD-110-HU0157 50097-088 Rev C
DSD-110-HU0159 50097-169 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0161 50096-966 Rev H
DSD-110-HU0162 50097-170 Rev D
DSD-110-HU0163 50097-171 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0164 50098-348 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0165 50098-349 Rev C
DSD-110-HU0165 50097-083 Rev C
DSD-110-HU0166 50097-533 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0169 50097-126 Rev F
DSD-110-HU0170 50097-763 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0171 50097-173 Rev C
DSD-110-HU0172 50097-068 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0173 50097-069 Rev D
DSD-110-HU0174 50097-070 Rev D
DSD-110-HU0175 50097-071 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0176 50097-835 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0177 50097-127 Rev D
DSD-110-HU0180 50098-1169-EN Rev A
DSD-110-HU0182 50097-995 Rev A
DSD-110-HU0182 Hookup Connection Guide 50098-1306-EN Rev A
DSD-110-HU0183 50098-255 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0188 (w/ 1-5-112 channel separator) 50098-297 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0188 (w/ 78400-930 channel separator)  50098-995-EN Rev C
DSD-110-HU0189 (w/ 1-5-112 channel separator) 50098-298 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0189 (w/ 78400-930 channel separator)  50098-993-EN Rev B
DSD-110-HU0190 (w/ 1-5-112 channel separator) 50098-299 Rev B
DSD-110-HU0190 (w/ 78400-930 channel separator)  50098-994-EN Rev C
DSD-110-HU0194 50098-863-EN Rev A


For additional Hook-up information not listed here please contact Technical Support at (800) 444-4729

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