Rapicide OPA/28 Test Strips

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Rapicide® Test Strips

Rapicide® OPA/28 Test Strips provide a fast disinfectant reaction time and user-friendly color comparison chart. The indicator test strips are used for testing RAPICIDE OPA/28 High-Level Disinfectant, and ortho-phthalaldehyde based disinfectant available for use in an automated endoscope reprocessor (AER) or for manual disinfection.

To Order:
Contact your local distributor or call one of these Cantel Medical companies:

  • SPSMedical:  (800) 722-1529
  • Crosstex: (888) 276-7783
  • MEDIVATORS: (800) 444-4729
  • Fast 90-second reaction time
  • 0.35% minimum recommended concentration (MRC) level
  • Definitive color identification comparison chart
  • Large, easy-to-read indicator pad
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Brochures and Other Documents Document #
Rapicide® Family Brochure 50098-045 Rev C
Rapicide OPA/28 Brochure 50098-075 Rev C
Rapicide OPA/28 Test Strips Vial Label - Color Blocks Not Shown 67200-073 Rev C
Rapicide OPA/28 Test Strips Directions for Use 50098-050 Rev E
Rapicide OPA/28 Test Strips Quality Assurance Procedure and Log 50098-493 Rev A
Certificate of Validation for Endoscopes Used with Medivators Products 50096-340 Rev R
Certificate of Validation for Endoscopes Used with Medivators Products - German Language 50096-340-DE Rev R
Compatibility Statements Document #
Rapicide OPA/28 Endoscope Compatibility 50098-151 Rev C
Rapicide OPA/28 Compatibility with TEE Probes 50098-057 Rev B
Chemical Compatibility Letter 50097-529 Rev F
Chemical Compatibility Letter - German Language 50097-529-DE Rev D
Product Bulletins Document #

Certificate of Analysis for Rapicide OPA/28 Test Strips

In-Service Material
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