ENDODRY™ Storage and Drying System

Products Description

A critical component to the Medivators Advantage Reprocessing System, the ENDODRY™ Storage and Drying System is a pass-through system providing endoscope channel drying.

The ENDODRY™Storage and Drying System is used in conjunction with the Advantage Plus Endoscope Reprocessor and Advantage Cassette Hookups to create the first integrated reprocessing configuration to fully incorporate high-level disinfection with drying, storage and endoscope security tracking.

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  • Eight endoscope trays with interlocks
  • Permanent air flow, even when fully loaded, using HEPA filtered air
  • Barcode reader for consistent data entry, endoscope tracking, and user authorization
  • User access control
  • Programmable maximum storage time
  • Alarm in case of pressure or power loss
  • Adjustable high/low pressure settings
  • Internal digital documentation of process parameters
  • Integrated multi-lingual information and control panel
  • Network-compatible
  • Reversible door hinge
  • Adjustable foot screws
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
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Document # 

Advantage International Product Brochure 50097-481 Rev B
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Product Bulletin: Medivators EndoDry Storage & Drying system compared to traditional vertical storage methods 50098-764 Rev A







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