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The CLEANASCOPE™ Transport and Storage System protects your endoscopes and other delicate equipment by minimizing direct handling and reducing contact with airborne contaminants during transport and short-term storage. Its patented design creates a protective environment for each disinfected endoscope. Green (clean) and red (contaminated) color-coded liner covers provide immediate identification of clean or contaminated endoscopes.

  • Three-part, single-use sterile liner process 
  • Carts available to accommodate two, five, six or ten trays
  • Provides protected short-term storage of clean scopes or equipment
  • The Sterile packed liner system reduces the potential for cross-contamination
  • Provides clear identification of  "clean" or "contaminated" endoscopes
  • Robust reusable trays help prevent damage to endoscopes
  • Trays fit perfectly into the contoured cart top


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CLEANASCOPE™ Product Brochure #50098-950 Rev C

CLEANASCOPE Product Brochure - French Language #50098-969-FR Rev A

White Paper: The importance of protected transport of flexible medical endoscopes and the relevance to patient cross infection risks #50098-1482 Rev A

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