ENDORA® Endoscope Tracking System

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ENDORA® Endoscope Tracking System by Medivators

The ENDORA® Tracking System is an electronic documentation system that tracks endoscopes through each step of the reprocessing cycle, verifying and noting that each reprocessing step was completed, resulting in patient-ready endoscopes. ENDORA, which stands for Endoscope Reprocessing Assurance, ensures that each endoscope has undergone high-level disinfection before it is used on a patient. The ENDORA System drives compliance with society and manufacturer guidelines to meet specific times spent at or between steps, like storage hang time, to improve efficiency while also logging who performs each step for accountability. This results in more consistent endoscope cleaning and disinfection. With the ENDORA System, you can eliminate paper logs and report all cycle information for every specific endoscope.

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  • Ensures reprocessing quality
  • Improves workflow efficiency
  • Assists in endoscope inventory & repair management
  • Provides real-time endoscope traceability
  • Presents administrative tools for benchmarking, productivity & cost analysis
  • Notifies management of reprocessing breach Interfaces with MEDIVATORS® Automated Endoscope Reprocessors
  • Promotes adherence to SGNA®, ASGE®, APIC®, FDA. VA, CDC, JHACO and AAMI®, guidelines for reprocessing documentation
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