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Enhance your pre-cleaning process with INTERCEPT™ Foam — the ready-to-use decontamination product that allows improved workflow, decreases cost and provides the highest level disinfection option for contaminated instruments and flexible endoscopes when the manual clean process cannot be started immediately after a procedure.

  • Encapsulates instruments and flexible endoscopes pre-conditioning for manual clean
  • Maintains a moist environment preventing organic debris from drying and hardening
  • Simplifies the transport of instruments and flexible endoscopes without the hassle of sloshing or spilling liquids 
  • Immediately starts loosening gross bioburden from the surface prior to manual cleaning
  • Maintains foam consistency for up to 72 hours when kept in a sealed container
  • Easily rinses away
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Brochures and Other Documents Document #
INTERCEPT™ Detergent Family Brochure - English Language 50098-669 Rev D
INTERCEPT Foam Sell Sheet 50098-1601 Rev A
INTERCEPT Foam White Paper 50098-1571 Rev C
INTERCEPT Foam Instructions for Use 50098-1534 Rev B
INTERCEPT Foam used with small rigid sealable containers (product bulletin) 50098-1644 Rev A
In-Service Material
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