Intercept® Bedside Kit

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Intercept Bedside Kit

MEDIVATORS Intercept Bedside Kits combine the superior power of Intercept detergent in a convenient disposable package for use during bedside wipe and suction. Know your endoscopes are being properly cleaned at the bedside with the power of Intercept detergent.

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  • Premeasured Intercept Detergent packets to ensure proper dilution of the bedside precleaning solution
  • Universal basin offers flexibility for 500 mls or 250 mls of detergent
  • Easy-to-use sponge locks in fluid for enhanced wiping of the insertion tube
  • Sturdy basin design reduces spills relating to the container tipping over
  • Intercept Detergent formulation removes bioburden within endoscope lumens
  • Complies with SGNA guidelines for precleaning of soiled endoscopes
  • Sold per box of 50 kits
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Brochures and Other Documents

Document #

Endo Carry-On Line of Products Brochure 50097-973 Rev C
Intercept Bedside Kit Directions for Use IFU-58 Rev C
Certificate of Validation for Endoscopes Used with MEDIVATORS products 50096-340 Rev T
Certificate of Validation for Endoscopes Used with MEDIVATORS products - German Language 50096-340-DE Rev R
Certificate of Validation for Endoscopes Used with Medivators Products (French Language) 50098-367 Rev A
White Paper: The importance of bedside cleaning of flexible medical endoscopes and the relevance to patient cross infection risks 50098-1481 Rev A
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Document #

Intercept Detergent Materials Safety Data Sheet 50095-045 Rev F
In-Service Material
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