CER Series Endoscope Reprocessors

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Compact Endoscope Reprocessor designed to quickly reprocess one or two immersible endoscopes per cycle. The CER features simple, push-button operation, and a large reprocessing basin for disinfecting any size endoscope (including EUS endoscopes), and a small footprint for countertop or mobile cart use. Reprocessor capabilities include a user-selectable wash cycle for endoscope cleaning, an alcohol purge port, and automated air drying of endoscope channels. A fully gasketed lid contains disinfectant vapors, and the CER's unique design self-disinfects internal fluid lines during every cycle. A two-stage water filtration system reduces particulate matter and provides certified bacteria-free water for endoscope rinsing. The CER includes heated disinfectant reservoir, water pre-filtration system, alcohol flushing tubing, accessory bag, and one set of water filters.


  • Compact, cost-effective endoscope reprocessing featuring simple, push-button operation
  • Fast cycle time for quick endoscope turnaround
  • Individual endoscope channel connections ensure disinfectant and rinse water contact with all channels
  • Pre-programmed cycles for reprocessing cycle repeatability and consistency
  • CER-1 model disinfects one endoscope per cycle
  • CER-2 model disinfects up to two endoscopes per cycle
  • Gasket lid and sealed reservoir contain disinfectant vapors
  • Alcohol flush and air drying of endoscopes
  • Audible and visual alarms for reprocessing cycle deficiency
  • Assures patient and operator safety
  • Self-disinfects internal fluid lines during every cycle
  • Bacteria retentive two-stage water filtration system
  • Compatible with all current models of endoscopes, including those with elevator wire channels
  • For use with most FDA-cleared reusable high-level disinfectants
  • Vapor management system, disinfectant transfer pump, neutralization system and mobile cart optional
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Brochures and Other Documents Document #
Certificate of Validation for Scopes used with Medivators products 50096-340 Rev R
Certificate of Validation for Scopes used with Medivators products - German Language 50096-340-DE Rev R
Certificate of Validation for Endoscopes Used with Medivators Products (French Language) 50098-367 Rev A
Reprocessor Chemical Compatibility 50097-529 Rev F
Reprocessor Chemical Compatibility - German Language 50097-529-DE Rev F
Latex Free Statement 50098-030 Rev A
Latex Free Statement - German Language 50098-030-DE Rev A
Position Statement on Reprocessing Third Party Repaired Endoscopes 50098-015 Rev A
Position Statement on Reprocessing Third Party Repaired Endoscopes - German Language 50098-015-DE Rev A
Installation and User Guides Document #
CER 1 and CER 2 Installation Instructions 50097-209 Rev C
Installation Specifications MS15-0002 Rev E
CER 1 and CER 2 Illustrated Parts Guide 50096-237 Rev C
Water Filtration System Installation Information MI02-0107 Rev L
Chemical Transfer Pump Tubeset & Adapter Instructions MI02-0102 Rev E
Chemical Transfer Pump: Filling the disinfectant reservoir MI02-0120 Rev B
Protocol to validate antimicrobial effectiveness using a Sampling Connector 50096-110 Rev B
Disinfectant Reservoir MI02-0171 Rev A
Shipping instructions for loaner and repair instruments MI02-0114 Rev J
Changing disinfectant instructions for the CER 50097-818 Rev C
Competency Assessment CER-1 & CER-2 50090-092 Rev A
Product Bulletins Document #
Product Bulletin: Serial Number Change to CER Endoscopy Reprocessors 50096-648 Rev B
Product Bulletin: Endoscope Reprocessors 50096-684 Rev D
Product Bulletin: DSD-91E, DSD-201 and CER-1, 2 use with Cook Endoscopy Savary Gilliard Dilators 50096-688 Rev B
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Product Bulletin RE: Olympus MAJ-855 50097-022 Rev F
Product Bulletin RE: Olympus MAJ-855 - German Language 50097-022-DE Rev F
Product Bulletin: Soak-only Devices May Be Reprocessed in Medivators AERs 50097-478 Rev E
Product Bulletin: Use of Hospital Grade Isolation Transformer in Conjunction with AER Installations 50097-477 Rev B
Product Bulletin: CER-1 & CER-2 Disinfectant Dumping and Reservoir Overfill 50097-819 Rev B
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Product Bulletin: Reprocessing of Endoscope Vales vs. the use of Disposable Valves 50097-996 Rev B
Product Bulletin: Reprocessing of Reusable Endoscope Water Bottles 50098-681 Rev A
International Documents Document #
Protocole pour valider l'efficacité antimicrobienne d'un système DEA de Medivators (CER-1, CER-2, previously MV-1/MV-2) en utilisant un raccord pour les échantillons 50096-145 Rev A
Installation Record and Performance Verification (International) MF03-0090 Rev D
In-Service Material
In-Service Guides and Other Documents Document #
CER In-Service Guide 50097-076 Rev B
CER Load and Unload Disinfectant Reservoirs 50097-082 Rev B
CER QA Procedure and Log 50097-081 Rev B
CER Reorder Guide 50097-049 Rev B
DSD and CER Endoscope & Hook-up List 50092-531 Rev E
In-Service Participant Sign-In 50092-519 Rev M
In-Service Participant Sign-In - German Language 50092-519-DE Rev L
In-Service Participant Sign-In - French Language 50092-519-FR Rev M
CER Quick Start Guide 50097-055 Rev B
CER Filter Change Log 50096-115 Rev C
CER Competency Assessment 50092-560 Rev A

CER-1 and CER-2