ACTRIL™ Cold Sterilant

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ACTRIL™ Cold Sterilant


Ready-to-use Sporicide for Surface Disinfection 

ACTRIL™ Cold Sterilant is an effective, ready-to-use disinfectant and sterilant for hard surfaces commonly found in healthcare facilities.



By purchasing ACTRIL™ Sterilant from Medivators Inc., the customer agrees that it will not and may not use the product at any time for any of the following purposes: hard surface liquid disinfection of commercial, non-healthcare clean room operations, process equipment treatment, hospital pharmacies and pharmaceutical compounding centers in pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing and other controlled, non-healthcare facilities.  For clarity, the foregoing field restriction does not exclude any applications of the product for patient-care operations, for any water purification equipment or as a non-liquid.
The customer will comply with all instructions for use and product labels as well as all applicable laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the use, handling and storage of the Product at all times. 



  • Ready-to-use peracetic acid-based chemistry
  • Superior sporicidal, bacterial, fungicidal, mycobacterial and virucidal activity
  • Available in one-liter, one-gallon and five-liter bottles
  • Spray triggers are available to make the one-liter bottles into spray bottles
  • Compatible with all common healthcare facility surfaces
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 LIT-00204 Rev A
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