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Sports market

Highly recognized amateur and professional athletes acquiring "superbug" infections only underscores the reality that antibiotic resistant bacteria is no longer confined to hospitals, but can show up anywhere. Sport training and fitness centers are definitely not exempt and in fact are spaces, which should be extremely vigilant because many of these "superbugs" can be transmitted through sweat and the shedding of skin.

BIOREDOX Decontamination Service provides a solution to these environments by quickly and comprehensively touching all the surfaces of a workout area with a powerful EPA registered disinfectant. Furthermore, BIOREDOX Decontamination Service is able to provide an additional layer of protection by coating all of the surfaces with a powerful antimicrobial coating.

  • Complete coverage
  • Turns over spaces quickly
  • Remediates odors associated with training and sport centers, including athletic locker rooms


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