From the Hemofiltration Specialists
The Renaflo II HF hemofilters are designed using glycerine-free polysulfone membranes. These membranes have exceptional biocompatibility for a broad range of medical device applications. Their superior blood compatibility is well documented with clinical evidence.1,2 MEDIVATORS  has accumulated the expertise and knowledge from over 35 years of development, manufacturing and clinical experience, which is reflected in the quality and innovation of the Renaflo® II family.


  • Polysulfone membrane offers excellent biocompatibility
  • Meets the biocompatibility requirements of ISO 10993-4 selection of tests, for interactions with blood
  • No anaphylactic responses reported with the Renaflo II hemofilters


  • No-rinse fiber offers convenient setup
  • Complete model selection provides ultrafiltration rates for the full range of patients from the neonate to the largest adult

Reliability / Safety

  • Proprietary fiber-manufacturing process ensures consistent performance
  • Hollow fibers used in Renaflo II are proven to remove small and medium-sized solutes such as IL-6, TNFa, C3a, and C5a from the vascular space while conserving the cellular elements and proteins in the circulating blood
  • Manufactured under U.S. Patent 5,762,798

1 Kramer, P., Wigger, W., Rieger, J., Matthaei, D., Scheler, F., Arteriovenous Hemofiltration: A new and simple method for treatment of overhydrated patients resistant to diuretics. Klin. Wachr. 55:1121-2, 1977.
2 Kaplan, A.A., Longnecker, R. E., and Folkert, V.W., Continuous Arteriovenous Hemofiltration: A report of six month's experience. Ann. Intern. Med. 100:358-67, 1984