For continuous renal replacement therapy

MEDIVATORS offers the most convenient and efficient system available for your patient’s hemofiltration needs. The Diafilter Hemoconcentrator/Hemofilter fibers are crafted from glycerin-free polysulfone membranes, a unique material that has demonstrated exceptional biocompatibility. The glycerin-free membrane offers the convenience of a no-rinse procedure. Set-up of the Minntech D-20NR, D-30NR and D-50NR Hemoconcentrator/Hemofilter involves only priming the unit to remove air.

Clinical Benefits

  • Low priming volume helps maintain low volume in the extracorporeal circuit
  • Polysulfone membrane offers excellent biocompatibility
  • Meets the biocompatibility requirements of ISO 10993-4 selection of tests, for interactions with blood
  • No rinse fiber for convenient set up
  • Excellent ultrafiltration rates for reliable fluid removal
  • Low pressure drop ensures continuous operation

Specifications and Technical Characteristics

Category D-20NR D-30NR D-50NF
Membrane Surface Area (nominal)(m2) 0.26 0.66 1.00
Membrane Material Polysulfone Polysulfone Polysulfone
Prime Volume (ml) 38 65 81
Overall Unit Length (cm) 13.8 25.3 25.3
Fiber Internal diameter (microns) 260 260 260
Fiber Outer Diameter (microns) 400 400 400
Fiber Wall Thickness (microns) 70 70 70
Blood Side Pressure Drop1 (mmHg) 20 32 53
Maximum TMP (mmHg) 500 500 500

Ultrafiltration Rates

Diafilter Ultrafiltration

Sieving Coefficients

Diafilter Sieving