Therapeutic Technologies

Therapeutic Technologies

The MEDIVATORS non- glycerin polysulfone hollow fiber technology is the core component of a wide range of the filter applications.

Areas of Focus

  • Hemoconcentrator/Hemofilter/Congestive Heart Failure
  • Drug Delivery
  • Bio-artificial Organs, Apheresis, Toxin Removal
  • Non-extracorporeal Applications

Manufactured following a patented process incorporating hydrophilic polymers combined with a naturally hydrophobic polysulfone polymer, the sponge like structure of the fiber walls and inherent biocompatibility make it ideal for either medical therapies or processes. Devices meet the biocompatibility requirements of ISO 10993-4 tests for interactions with blood.

Our proprietary hollow fiber membranes and therapeutic products are sold to biotechnology manufacturers that integrate the filter into their own proprietary systems and sold through third-party distributors. In addition to providing filters and filter technologies to biotech manufacturers, we also have distribution rights to market and sell their finished products in specific international markets.

MEDIVATORS owns other patented polymers and all polymers can be manufactured in a wide range of pore sizes and molecular weight cut-offs. We continue to pursue new polymers for incorporation into our hollow fiber technology.