DEFENDO™ Single-use Valves

A History of Innovation

In 2010 Cantel became the first company to offer single-use endoscope valves. We now manufacture over 9 million DEFENDO Valves every year.

We continue to innovate, bringing our customers the infection prevention resources needed to protect their patients and staff.

  • Our research and development team is continually working to better understand all the available valve options on the market and to create valves that offer solutions to unmet clinical needs.
  • Our verification testing includes multiple tests for force and suction to help create valves that don’t exhibit some of the common issues with reusable and other single-use valves: clogging, sticking and loss of insufflation.
  • The consistency and accuracy we achieve in our manufacturing process means that less than one tenth of one percent of four valves exhibit a reportable issue.