Endoscopy Procedure Products

DEFENDO™ Single-use Valves

Cantel now offers the highest quality infection control supplies for the endoscopy procedure room. Today, with a full-range of unique product solutions, Cantel is fully committed to the pursuit of delivering infection prevention solutions that will reduce potential risks to caregivers and patients in GI Endoscopy.

Innovative GI endoscopy producedure room products include:

ENDO SMARTCAP™ — the only disposable alternative to the reusable water bottle in GI Endoscopy. The ENDO SMARTCAP is designed to minimize infection control risks that are associated with manual cleaning and sterilization.

ENDOGATOR™ — a disposable irrigation alternative to reusable irrigation tubing.

DEFENDO™ Single Use Valves — help prevent potential patient safety risks and eliminate the need for manual cleaning and reprocessing. Available for Olympus®, Fujinon® and Pentax® endoscopes.