Hookups provide the critical connection between the endoscope and the automated endoscope reprocessor (AER). Minntech has hookup designs validated for the largest array of endoscope models, more than any other manufacturer. In fact, there is not a flexible endoscope a Cantel AER cannot reprocess. Examples include: gastroscopes, colonscopes, EUS scopes, cystoscopes, bronchoscopes, twin channel, dilators and TEE probes.

Hookup designs are validated for proper flow to provide high-level disinfection of semi-critical endoscopes and accessories. The interactive Hookup Guide provides quick access to determining the correct hookup-scope combination for your AER, region, disinfectant and detergent. Service hookup assemblies are now available for some Advantage Hookup models. The hookup design varies depending on the connector model used.

Check out the interactive Hookup Guide: Click here

CER Hookups — a combination of single connector assemblies are required for connection to a CER 1 or CER 2.

DSD/SSD Hookups — a collection of connectors and bi-furcated tubing beginning with a single basin port connection. Designed for use with SSD-102, DSD-201 and DSD EDGE™ models.

Advantage Hookups — designed for individual channel monitoring, Advantage hookups have a connector block with eight separate ports. Separate Connector Assemblies provide the connection from the block ports to the endoscope channels. These hookup designs are designated with a HAN suffix. Serviceability is now easy with new Connector Assemblies. Sold separately.

Advantage Hookup Cassettes (available outside the U.S. only) — combines an endoscope tray with the Advantage Hookup Connector Block. The cassette tray provides touch-free scope handling to reduce cross-contamination while protecting the endoscope during transport to reduce endoscope damage. Also designed to connect to the Advantage endoSTORE™ Cabinet. Cassette hookup designs are designated with a CAS suffix.