Brushes and Flushing Aids

Brushes and Flushing Aids

Medivators offers a wide range of cleaning products designed to facilitate  various cleaning situations and environments.  From detergents to wipes to endoscope flushing, Medivators® products are designed to provide you with optimal cleaning results and time-saving performance, at cost effective pricing.  Choose Medivators as your partner in effective cleaning solutions.

Medivators Intercept Detergent – Specifically formulated for manual or automated cleaning of surgical instruments, medical devices and accessories, and endoscopes.

Medivators Intercept Wipes – Medical-grade, ready-to-use wipes for superior cleaning of surfaces and medical products, including endoscopes.

Medivators MediClean EZ Detergent – Multi-enzymatic detergent for use in manual cleaning, automated washers and ultrasonic cleaners.

Scope Buddy Endoscope Flushing Aid – Provides continuous, hands-free fluid delivery of detergent and cleaning solutions to endoscopes. Fully compatible with all major brands of flexible endoscopes.