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Medivators In-Services | Renalog TM — Dialyzer Reprocessing Training Manager

Medivators In-Services When you purchase a piece of equipment from MEDIVATORS you can rest assured that we will be sending one of our top Clinical Support Specialists to your facility to help train your staff. Our Clinical Specialists will customize an in-service to meet the needs of your reprocessing facility. The in-service will include familiarization with the equipment and its components, system setup and operation, maintenance, trouble-shooting, and hands-on training and return demonstration. The Clinical Specialist will walk your facility through the in-service packet that came with your new unit and help you understand the importance of the documents included.

Along with providing a physical in-service, MEDIVATORS offers a variety of in-service tools to assist your staff in their daily operation and interactions with the equipment you have purchased. To find these tools, please visit the product page for your AER.

You can also view the MEDIVATORS In-service videos to better understand your equipment:

Renalog TM — Dialyzer Reprocessing Training Manager
Renalog TM is a comprehensive, computer-based training program for renal systems reprocessing staff. Using video, audio and graphic formats, Renalog TM provides staff with an easily accessible training program that can be completed on-site.
Staff moves through the material at their own pace. Based on "best practices," staff receives the most up to date information on dialyzer reprocessing. Practice quizzes at the end of the modules provide staff with an assessment of how well they understand the material.

Quizzes and answer keys are provided so clinics can self-certify their own staff. (Please contact your MEDIVATORS Renal Systems representative regarding this option.)

Training Modules

  • Principles of the Kidney, Hemodialysis and Infection Control
  • Overview of the Renatron® II 100 Series Dialyzer Reprocessing System
  • How to Startup the Renatron II 100 Series Dialyzer Reprocessing System using Renalog RM
  • How to Shutdown the Renatron II 100 Series Dialyzer Reprocessing System using Renalog RM
  • Use and Disinfection of Dialyzer Caps and Reprocessing Connectors
  • Using Renalog RM to Setup to Preprocess a Dialyzer
  • Reprocessing a Dialyzer using Renalog® RM and the Renatron® II 100 Series Dialyzer Reprocessing System
  • Semi-Automatic Reprocessing
  • Manually Failing a Dialyzer
  • Visually Inspecting, Labeling and Storing a Reprocessed Dialyzer
  • Reassigning Dialyzers using Renalog® RM
  • Replacing the Renalin® 100 Cold Sterilant Concentrate Container, using Renalog® RM
  • Printing New Labels using Renalog® RM
  • Renalog® RM Reports
  • Safety Precautions in Dialyzer Reprocessing