Minntech Receives FDA Clearance for a Cleaning Claim

April 14, 2011

MINNTECH CORPORATION announced today that the FDA has cleared the Medivators Advantage® Plus Endoscope Reprocessing System with a new cleaning cycle claim that provides facilities the option to eliminate manual cleaning of endoscopes prior to placement in the Advantage Plus when selecting a cycle that includes a wash phase.

The Medivators ADVANTAGE Plus Endoscope Reprocessing System, using Rapicide® PA High Level Disinfectant and Intercept(R) Detergent, provides cleaning and high level disinfection of heat sensitive semi-critical endoscopes between patient procedures. 

Advantage Plus units already installed into hospitals, clinics and surgery centers may be upgraded to perform the FDA-cleared cleaning cycle.

The Advantage Plus cleaning cycle utilizes Intercept Detergent, a non-enzymatic detergent that provides superior removal of biological and organic soils and effectively penetrates bacterial biofilms found on and in endoscopes.  High-level disinfection is achieved with single-use, environmentally friendly Rapicide PA High-Level Disinfectant used at a low 30 degree Celsius temperature.

Additional features of the Medivators ADVANTAGE Plus include: individual endoscope channel monitoring for blockage and proper flow ensuring complete high-level disinfection, a computerized detection system that eliminates human error in the connection of hook-ups, an on-board data management system for tracking scope usage and viewing cycle logs with full networking capabilities, and remote diagnostics for fast technical support.