June-July 2011 Endo All-Stars

June 1, 2011

Morristown Memorial, Lyndhurst, N.J.

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Denise Gilmore has been a nurse at Morristown Memorial Hospital for 12 years and said the endoscopy team there includes some of the finest people with whom she’s ever worked. 

“Their daily patient and family interactions require a great deal of teaching and caring,” Gilmore said of her team. “Each patient is treated as an individual with needs. I have witnessed acts of compassion, selflessness, and team work on a regular basis to get the job done. Some examples of these acts include working beyond scheduled hours for patients who require longer procedures or recovery, stroking a patient's hand who is nervous or anxious before a procedure, sitting with families long after the doctors are gone for emotional support, and supporting each other during difficult cases.”

To read more about this team, click here.