Feb-March 2012 Endo All-Stars

February 1, 2012

Orlando VAMC GI Clinic, Orlando, FL

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Imagine a staff member with 90 years of experience in GI endoscopy. They’d have to be at least 110, picture that. Alas, the endoscopy team at the Orlando VAMC GI Clinic, in Orlando, doesn’t have any one person with that much experience, but all together, the team does.

All Stars Orlandosm.jpg

“The staff works together very well with each other and the providers,” McRae-Matthews said. “There is also a great working relationship between the nurses and the SPD staff that processes the scopes. The staff has started recognizing each other’s birthdays—although this may be a small thing, it helps to show the staff that they are special and are appreciated.”

To read more about this team, click here.