Recent Acquisitions

Acquisition of Medical Innovations Group
On September 14, 2015, we acquired Medical Innovations Group Holdings Limited, a leading provider in the United Kingdom of specialized endoscopy medical devices and products.  Principal products of Medical Innovations include proprietary short-term and long-term endoscope transport and storage systems, a comprehensive range of endoscopy consumable accessories, OEM mobile medical carts, as well as specialized products for patient warming and patient transfer. With an employee base of approximately 100 individuals, including complete sales and service teams and manufacturing facilities in Southend-on-Sea, England, the addition of Medical Innovations complements our existing endoscopy business in the United States, the UK and other global markets.

Acquisition of International Medical Service S.r.l.
On November 3, 2014, we acquired International Medical Service S.r.l., a privately owned company in Italy that manufactures and sells automated endoscope reprocessors, high-level disinfectant chemistries used in AERs, other infection prevention and control chemistries used in healthcare and dental markets, as well as technical service.

These acquisitions provide us with provide high quality manufacturing facilities in both the United Kingdom and Italy and expand our product offerings in endoscopy – including capital equipment, chemistries, consumables and accessories.